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I'm an artist and graphic designer located in Ontario. I've been a artist and designer forever. I'd say the exact amount of time but let's just go with forever, it's a long time.


Some fun facts:


I photoshop all my photos, so don't be too surprised when you meet me, I'm actually 7' tall with green hair.


I started drinking coffee in the 3rd grade, after high school I worked in a coffee shop to help feed the addiction.


Every time I see Comic Sans used something in me dies a little.


I kick the printer when no one's looking.*


The name Arwynn is a boy's name, Arwyn with one 'n' is a girl's name. Dad messed up.


Hobbies are painting, working out and taking care of my little guy who's personal brand is chaos and mayhem. You can view my artwork on this site.


Whenever I can find time these days - which isn't often - I love working out, my main love is running. I've done a couple of marathons but also did some triathlons including a couple of half-ironmans, and I completed a full ironman. Not so much these days though - these days I just try to carve out a bit of time before Sir Crazypants wakes up and demands all attention.


*I should note that the printer is evil and acts accordingly. It smells fear and deadlines, taking delight in jamming and ruining print jobs. 

In the News

Art Toronto 

Art in the City



Paula White Diamond Gallery 

187 King St S. Unit #103
The Bauer Marketplace
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 1R1

Art Interiors

446 Spadina Rd
Toronto, ON M5P 3M2


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